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Silviculture Specialists in the Lowveld serving global customers including York Timber & Forestry (Long Ridge, Driekop), Komatiland Forestry (Wilgeboom, Uitsoek, Entabeni) and many more. Silviculture is the practice of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests to meet diverse needs and values. The name comes from the Latin silvi- (forest) + culture (as in growing). The study of forests and woods is termed silvology.

Forest regeneration is the act of renewing tree cover by establishing young trees naturally or artificially, generally promptly after the previous stand or forest has been removed. The method, species, and density are chosen to meet the goal of the landowner. Forest regeneration includes practices such as changes in tree plant density through human-assisted natural regeneration, enrichment planting, reduced grazing of forested savannas, and changes in tree provenances/genetics or tree species.

Ngwenya Forestry is a level-2 BEE certified Silviculture specialist in the Lowveld in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Silviculture is the branch of forestry concerned with the theory and practice of controlling forest establishment, composition, and growth. Like forestry itself, silviculture is an applied science that rests ultimately upon the more fundamental natural and social sciences.

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