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Started in March 1998, Ngwenya Forestry have been extremely active in the Lowveld serving major clients including, York Timers and Komatiland Forests. With a workforce of a mere 20 employees in 1998, we have grown to a specialized team of over 800 staff in 2012!

Owned and fully operated by the Ngwenya Forestry team - Benjamin Ngwenya and company, this BEE Silviculture Specialists operate at a international competing level through quality workmanship, teamwork, research and development, upskilling and employee training. Contact us at Ngwenya Forestry today for more information.

Coen Vermaak
General Manager @ Ngwenya Forestry
Diploma - Forestry
Benjamin Ngwenya
Chief Executive Officer @ Ngwenya Forestry
Diploma - Business Management
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